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10760 S Grass Valley Road
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   Pipe Pulling  


The speed at which we are able to install pipe and wire can save not only your property, but money as well. Our equipment enables us to install pipe, cable, conduit or wire up to 2' deep without damaging your property. All this can be performed at speeds of up to 200' per minute.


Our vibrating plows make a small cut (1/2") in the ground and pull or insert the wire and pipe underground. All this is accomplished without disturbing the ground or grass so there are no repairs required after the installation.

Depending on the condition of your lawn, these lines may be undetectable by the end of the day.


Irrigation Pipe PullingHow long it would take to do this by hand? First the grass would have to be removed, then digging and installing the pipe or wire followed by filling in the trench. Replace the grass and rake up any leftover dirt. For a 50' trench, this could easily be 4 hours of labor intensive work. For us, it would take about 15 minutes and there would be no damage to the lawn.

What can we install?
◾Electrical wire
◾Electrical conduit
◾Copper pipe
◾PVC pipe
◾Polyethylene pipe

For what application?
◾Pool backwash pipe
◾Sump pump pipe
◾Irrigation pipe
◾Telephone wire
◾CATV wire
◾Electrical outlets

Who does this

With 3 different machines, we have a machine to match any size of job. No job is to big, no job is to small. Clients who have made use this service consist of:
◾General contractors
◾Propane companies
◾School boards
◾Maintenance managers