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Fred Anderson Drilling has been a family owned and operated business since 1982. We are located in northern Nevada, but conduct business state wide. Our professional equipment and years of experience have enabled our business to safely install hundreds of windmills. The windmills that we install pump water for livestock and also to help maintain ponds. Our windmills also pump leachate from gas wells on landfills and aerate ponds to improve water quality. We work closely with all customers to size and design a windmill to meet the requirements of their setting. Please feel free to contact us with questions about the needs of your windmill.
Since 1982 Fred Anderson Drilling has been meeting the needs of rural and remote off grid locations for homes, cabins, agriculture, livestock and wildlife watering.  These rugged and reliable made in the USA pumps and solar kits are perfect for wells with static water levels of 200 feet or less and can provide hundreds of gallons of water per day.

The SR2 and SR4 pumps can be purchased as pumps only without a kit, or we can provide a one, two or three solar panel kit complete with top of pole panel mount and  everything that you need to get set up except a steel pole for the panel mount, the hole for the pole, some concrete and locally purchased pipe and fittings.
Advanced Power pumping systems operate solar panel direct during daylight hours with the benefit of our built in electronic controls that serve the same all day pumping benefit of stand-alone linear current boosters. 

 We can also design a battery powered system that will allow you to pump water any time of the day or night.  Learn more about solar water well pump power options.  Ready for a pump quote?  Please contact us for assistance or call 775 623 4203